Customizable Survey Themes

You now have the capability to choose various themes for your survey. You can modify the colour and hue of your widget, its background and its text. To do this, you would first have to log on to your WebEngage account. Click on the survey tab and the go on to the “active” tab to access the list of all your surveys that are active.

Once you are here, select the survey widget to be modified and click on the ‘edit’ button. On clicking the edit button you would be taken to the tadalafil online survey design page. On the left side of the page is a panel of edit tools. To modify the themes of your survey widget click on the button “appearance” that would take you to the “layout and theme” page. Here, on clicking the edit button, you would get access to the theme selection and customization tabs.

These layout and theme page comes with predefined theme selection. You are also given capability to define your own custom created theme. For custom creation of themes, 5 fields have been provided to set your own choice of palette. Just click on each of these fields and set the hue as per your requirements.

tadalafil online

You would have to give a name to your custom defined theme and set up plethora of combinations of colour for background, button and text. This would help you to customize the appearance of your survey widget as per the context of its deployment.

Small DNS goof-up on our end. Fixed now.

About 15 mins ago, we did a small DNS change as a part of a bigger and planned move to Amazon’s EC infrastructure for the last lot of our boxes. There was a human error, on our end, in doing so, which we later rolled back. In the process, some of our customers, were caught in the middle of this change and were served an erroneous file for the widget on their websites – because Amazon’s Cloudfront also caught us in the middle of this change and cached an unwanted file. This led to a redirect to our test website called, which of course would never open.

By the time this post gets published, things would have returned to normal.

I truly apologize for this human error and promise to plan such moves in a better manner in future. I have received over a dozen phone calls in the last 15 mins from anxious customers. I want to assure all of you that things are back to normal. And, I’d also want to assure you that, moving forward, we’ll be far more diligent and sensitive about such upgrades. Thanks for keeping faith in us.

– Avlesh

Meet the guys behind WebEngage’s instant and proactive customer support

“What does it take to create an awesome technology company?”. If you”d have asked us the question 6 months ago, we would have answered – two things, #1. A kickass product and #2. A smart team which codes like monkeys & makes swift strategic moves. Fast forward to today, our answer will include another component – #3. Quick, reliable and proactive customer support.

We launched in October, 2011. Since then, we have achieved tremendous scale. That bring its own set of challenges in managing technology, sales and support. While we eat, breath and live technology, we have also taken good care of managing our sales and marketing. We are learning the art of managing our customer support while being “on the job”. We, now, spend a lot of our time, during the day and night (thanks to timezones and our global customer base), handing support queries through our feedback tab, emails and phone calls. Infact, we are proactively using our own tool to manage customer support.

Managing customer and tech support is a demanding task. Customers look for help only when they need it. We make sure that they get it instantly too. We try and respond to all online queries in less than 4 hours. Most of the times, our responses are instantaneous. We love to delight our customers. Earning their faith, love and trust is gratifying.

Against all advice, we haven”t hired anyone, yet, to manage our customer support. Between the two of us (Avlesh and Ankit), we respond to over 75 support queries everyday via WebEngage feedback tab, email and phone calls. Our support queries are mostly technical in nature. As co-founders and creators of the tool, we are best placed to address those. Also, given the passionate characters we are, there is this extra love and passion that automagically gets added to our responses. As founders of the business, we are committed to delight you with our proactive support.

These are the faces behind those instant replies you”d have received as customers.

Avlesh: co-founder, CEO and chief of customer support

Ankit: co-founder, CTO and chief of technical support

A customer replied to one of our product update emails this morning – “Avlesh, I am glad to hear great things about you guys. I had some feedback to share but did not end up sending it. Because, I believe that you are no longer directly responding to user feedback and the same is managed by some “customer support representatives”. (S)he would not get it. Though I might be wrong“. With this email, we learned one more lesson on “human psychology”. So much so, that it triggered this post!

We believe in the Zappos mantra of customer support. We are all ears. 24×7. Let us know.

Stay tuned. We love you!

First milestone achieved – we have reached 1000 customers worldwide!

We woke up to a sweet system alert this Saturday morning – WebEngage is now powering in-site surveys and feedback on 1000 websites worldwide. Aha!

Meet our 1000th customer – As a token of love, we have offered them a free upgrade to the Standard Plan for first 6 months.

Alright, so there we are – growing at a breathtaking pace. On an average, we have been adding 10 new customers everyday for the last 4-5 weeks. Our survey windows and the feedback tabs are fast reaching ubiquity; people are not taken by surprise anymore when they see our stuff working on sites they use everyday.

Do you have an online business? Yet to try us? 3 simple reasons for you to give us a go today –

  1. You’d have never seen a stickier product – From designing survey questionnaire to changing the CSS to match your site’s look-n-feel to managing support queries via a powerful feedback inbox, WebEngage has all it takes to keep you hooked. Period.
  2. You’d have never felt, being so much in control – From being able to “filter” the appearance of your surveys to specific audiences on your website to the world’s best one-time integration, we made sure that the power doesn’t lie with some silly robot. It lies with YOU. Period.
  3. You’d have never felt, being so much loved and pampered – Over 90% of our support queries were resolved or replied to in less than 4 hours. Most of the times, almost instantaneously. We are humans who love humans. We hate dogs though. Period.

Get your dose of WebEngage dope – (view in full-screen mode).

Stay tuned. We love you!

Help us find our lucky mascot – pig, crow, snake, bear or something else?

The BIG League!

We, at WebEngage, are a fast growing startup. In less than 6 months of our public launch, we are now powering in-site feedback and surveys on over 950 websites worldwide. Quite a feat. Right? Maybe. In a world where significant numbers are always counted in the unit of millions, our numbers appear to be small.

So, we put our heads down trying to find out how we can become an insanely big enterprise. We looked up to the big boys. Then we realized we have done the same set of things as they did early on i.e. built an awesome product, created some noise around it and iterated so fast that customers started loving them and became evangelists. So, what’s missing? Well, an unusual suspect.

Finding 1: We don’t have an animal behind our back. Yet.
Ah, we know the reason now. It’s the goddamn animal mascot which is your path to glory. It is this creature that takes you in to the big league.

Finding 2: All the good looking ones are taken. We are not left with too many options 🙁
Monkey is the most abused one. Everyone seems to be betting their lives on the chimp. Going by the revenue figures and valuations of a few companies using chimp as their mascot, our ancestor seems to be the safest bet. But wait … we can’t copy. We are an “original” startup. So, we started looking around on what’s not taken yet. Our research implies that we can use one of these – Pig, Snake, Crow, Bear (not sure) etc. Yikes!

Help us please.
Help us by first telling us if our assessment is correct – can we become a multi-million dollar enterprise without having one of those creatures as our lucky mascot? If you think, we have to have one – let your suggestions come our way. Thanks in advance for helping us out by killing your time thinking about a silly animal.

Stay tuned. We love you!