WebEngage Turns 6. Thank You!

Your small little Spartan startup is all grown up now. WebEngage turns 6 today!

It seems like yesterday when we launched the first version of our product six years ago from a 200 sq.ft garage. I have very fond memories of how our birthday celebrations have grown to be bigger with each passing year as we grew in size. As I write this post, the team is gearing up for one such celebration tonight 🙂

Ever since the launch of our multi-channel stack in Jul 2016, we have aggressively released new features to deliver on our promise about the product roadmap. In the last 6 months especially, we have been on a roll!

We are committed to our mission of offering the world’s simplest automation stack for user retention and engagement. We understand the pain that small and mid-sized consumer businesses have to go through – whether it’s the adoption of a marketing automation tool or the ability to seamlessly use multiple channels of communication for your user engagement – we are solving these pain points in ways nobody has attempted before.

We are re-imagining multi-channel user engagement.

In the coming months, we’d be rolling out a bunch of features. Here’s an indicative list –
  • A comprehensive “Test & Launch Suite” for campaigns
  • A step-by-step on-boarding module for integration across apps, web and crm systems
  • Automated reports for analytics and engagement stacks
  • Enhanced campaign creation experience with features like drag-n-drop editor for email
  • Uninstall analytics for your mobile apps
  • Predictive sending of campaigns
  • Facebook Ads as a channel of engagement

Other than the stuff listed above, we have a long list of items we are working on. More importantly, there are some big experiments running in our engineering lab right now. We are very excited about these, as they’d be industry first solutions to real big pain points. Fingers crossed!

Aside, we are also fixing our knowledgebase and technical documentation. Expect a lot more smoother all-round experience in the coming weeks.

We have a great news for small businesses and early stage startups – we’d be opening up our platform for SMBs before Christmas. Send us some love if you have been waiting for it.

On a closing note, it’s been a very humbling and enriching experience for my entire team to serve customers from India, North America, Middle East and South East Asia. In these 6 years, we have learned a lot about different cultures and users’ online behavior across the globe. On behalf of my entire team, I thank you for giving us that opportunity.

Team WebEngage, Oct 2017

The journey has just begun…

Avlesh & Ankit
Co-founders, WebEngage

P.S: If you are new to WebEngage, here’s a quick primer

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WebEngage Turns 3 Today

Img credit: Enchantedmommy.com

Time flies. I still have memories of our beta launch on the night of Oct 12, 2011 – a few spartans doing anything and everything to make sure we launched on time.

It has been 3 years since then. We have become the de-facto online conversion funnel improvement suite for e-commerce companies globally. We have changed offices thrice (pics). From 3, we have grown to a team of 25. Most importantly, we added a family of over 22,000 websites globally who trust in us to improve their online sales and customer engagement. Every day. Every minute.

And if all the above were not enough, we have now set up an office in New York (pics).

I am at loss of words here to describe how I feel. I thank each one of you – my team, customers, investors … and you – the evangelist. We are on-road to fulfill a much larger dream. With your love and support, I am sure we’ll get there.

On this day last year, we had a blast! Take a look at some of the pictures from that night. We are shifting offices currently and the workload didn’t allow us to plan our current year celebration in time. To all those awesome men and women who love to party with us – please hold on for another couple of weeks, we’ll reach out with an invite for you to RSVP to!

Pics from last year’s b’day celebration

These have been three years of uninhibited growth, hard work and perseverance. These have been three years of laser sharp focus on building a product and creating a category that

didn’t exist in the way we envision. Wish us many many more such years. Your love and support counts.

This, by far, has been our biggest achievement in the last 3 years …

Me, Ankit (my co-founder) and my team stand humbled in front of you. Truly humbled. Thanks for your show of faith in us, we won’t disappoint you.

– Avlesh

P.S: Here’s what we do … 🙂

Now serving over 2 Billion WebEngage widget requests every month!


Here’s how we fared in Jan, 2014

Our JavaScript widget code was served 2.1 billion times in the month of Jan, 2014. That’s 780 requests/second!

We served over 4 million on-site push Notifications every day last month. That’s almost 50 Notifications popping every second on close to 16,000 websites! Marketing teams, globally, have embraced Notifications as if there were no better hot cakes to buy :-). Later this month, we’ll publish a detailed report with stats on how this product is helping companies drive sales via hyper targeted on-site offers and actionable messages. With the introduction of Leave Intent Targeting and Modal Window Layout, we are keeping marketing teams hooked on to their WebEngage dashboards and help them focus on what matters the most – conversions!

We served more than 1 million on-site Surveys every day last month. The adoption of our on-site Survey product is on a meteoric rise. Customer focused product teams, including the likes of Hubspot, Intuit, SEOmoz etc, have embraced us with great zeal. We are focused on making our on-site surveys the best in class – be it our targeting engine or capabilities like logical branching.


E-commerce companies account for 36% of our customer base followed by consumer internet applications and content sites. A bulk of our revenues come from India (38%), followed by the US (28%), UK (8%) and Australia (5%).

Thanks for keeping faith in us. We’ll continue to amaze you with an awesome product. More importantly, we’ll continue to deliver proactive and super-responsive customer service. Its a promise.

Don’t know what WebEngage does?
Check out our use-case gallery on Twitter –


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The B’day That Was …

WebEngage turned two on 13th Oct, 2013. What started with a humble note from our CEO in the morning, ended with an amazing celebration in the evening to mark 2 years of our collective passion, dedication and commitment. We were privileged to host some awesome men and women – entrepreneurs, VC’s, fellow friends and their families, in a get-together worth remembering.

At Westin Garden City, Mumbai on the night of 13th Oct, 2013 …

Towards the end of the do, we played this A/V showcasing our journey and unveiling the team that makes the product that you love to fall in love with, everyday. Here’s the video:

We thank all those to made it to be a part of our celebration, especially the one’s who came from cities other than Mumbai. We’d also like to thank the team at Westin Garden City, Mumbai for their help and support in making it look all so easy and seamless. And finally, we’d like to thank our friends from Morgan Stanley who performed all throughout the evening and made us feel special. Thanks everyone!

As our founders say, we are unstoppable! Onwards and upwards.

Ecommerce, Brands, BFSI, Education, Content – We Are Spreading Our Wings Fast! Thank You Customers For Embracing Us

In the last few months, we have received overwhelming support from our customers globally. While we continue to get (our hard earned) love from e-commerce and travel companies, we have now been able to break-in, significantly, into other domains like BFSI, Education, Content etc. The survey and notification products are being increasingly used for collecting proactive customer feedback and driving conversions, respectively – across domains.

Some of our prized possessions (as on 30th Aug, 2013):

A big thanks to 12,000+ other websites who have gotten us this far! We’ll continue to build and amaze you with the most sticky on-site customer engagement toolkit for your business. That’s our promise.

Wanna know what customers use us for? Follow @WebEngage on Twitter or check out our hashtag #WebEngageLive, we upload some cool use-cases everyday. Aside, we have some significant product updates/announcements coming in the next 2/3 weeks – keep a watch on this blog too for those.

Stay tuned. We love you!

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10,000 customers and how!

The occasion:
We have waited for this moment ever since we launched WebEngage on the 13th of Oct, 2011. As we were enjoying our coffee amidst heavy downpour in Mumbai last Sunday, 10,000th customer signed-up! It took two working days for the euphoria to settle down and a few more hours for me to write this post! We are humbled. We thank you wholeheartedly for your love and support. More importantly, I’d like to hug each one of you and say thanks in person before I cease to exist. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say:

Perfect sign-up for the perfect occasion:
And here’s something that makes this occasion truly special – our 10,000th customer is Dawn.com, Pakistan’s oldest and most widely read English language newspaper! The tool is being tested on their beta site as I am about to publish this post. We hope to see WebEngage kicking ass on their production website soon.

Here’s how it started:
We take a lot of pride in having built an enviable customer base worldwide. However, like most startups, it wasn’t easy to begin with. We had to wait for one long month post launch to get our first legitimate paying customer (who wasn’t one of us or our friends ;)). Ladies and gents, meet David Taverner, Senior Director at GSMA, UK for being the very first person to pay us online. Several months have gone by since then (19 to be precise), but one thing hasn’t changed – David continues to be a paid user month after month, till date! Thanks David. Your $49 transaction on our site changed a whole lot of things. It strengthened our belief that we have built something that people would pay for. Fast forward to today, we are no longer at the mercy of any world famous tech blog to feature us so that the product gets “validated” – we have David’s all over the world to testify for us. This one is for you David; we owe it to you:

This is where you came from:
Pretty much all over the world with US, India, UK and Australia accounting for almost 75% of our total customer base. We are now available in 27 languages with integration supported for all major platforms.

What’s next?
A whole lot of things. But, I don’t want to kill the essense of this post by giving too many product updates. Follow this blog or our Twitter / Facebook for significant product updates.

Thank you again for making us one of the coolest AND profitable (pun intended ;)) startup of our times. At WebEngage, we’ll continue to deliver the best suite of products and world class customer service. Signing off, with our eyes firmly set on 100k now!

– Avlesh

Notification Layouts

Did you know that you can run targeted promotions, announce new features, address cart abandonment and pop discounts to users on your website like a pro with WebEngage Notifications? No? We request you to go through this and this and this first.

Very soon, we’ll be adding a cool new feature inside Notifications – Layouts. The idea is simple – at its core, a Notification is Title + HTML description + Call-to-actions. With layouts we intend to present this core data in different UI formats to address specific problems. Samples underneath:

Classic: THE original WebEngage Notification layout.

Callouts: This layout will allow you to pin point new features on your site and make it easy to announce them to your users. The description can be rich HTML content containing images, URL’s etc. And of-course there’s a nice call-to-action.

Notice: Need “there’s a live update for you” kind of notices for your users? Look no further. We heard you …

Slider Top: Greet your visitors/users with a page slider message positioned right at top of the page. You can embed small images/icons and call-to-actions etc in the message too!

Sticky Footer: Want a persistent footer for announcements and promotions? This layout is designed to show up in fixed format in the footer section of your site.

Technically, we are building layouts in an extensible manner. In layman terms, we’d allow customers and developers to build their own layouts on top of our basic framework. We’ll publish more documentation on this soon.

Even with the Classic version (that is currently available), we have seen some amazing UI customizations. Underneath are a few samples of how customers have been making great use of what we have built. These are some small little pleasures that keep us going …

With WebEngage you can filter the audience to which you’d like to pop the Notification to. Check out our cool targeting capabilities and Javascript API which makes it easier to run highly targeted campaigns based on application specific criterion. Did we tell you that the integration on your site is a piece of cake too? Integrate our widget code once on your site (like GA) and no more code changes are needed. Ever! All knobs and controls sit in your WebEngage Dashboard. Still waiting to use us? Now is the time. Sign-up today for a FREE trial.

Layouts are a work in progress and we intend to release a version one around first week of March, 2013. Can’t wait? Let us know, we’ll give you priority access.

Like what you see? Please spread the word for us. If you have some interesting layout ideas, leave your comments here. We’ll definitely work on the ones that gives us and our customers goosebumps.

Sign-up today for a FREE trial →

Stay tuned. We love you!

WebEngage Widget Is Now Being Served Over 260 Million Times Every Month

Whoa, that’s a mind boggling 100 requests every second!

For the uninitiated, WebEngage is a customer engagement toolkit for online business that integrates via a one-time JavaScript widget code on any website. Here’s some nicotine for our developer friends:

We reported serving 100 million requests in August, 2012. That’s a 2.6 fold jump in 5 months time. If you are a customer reading this, thank you.

With more and more customers coming on board WebEngage, this number is set to soar at a much greater pace in times to come. Large enterprise customers (mostly e-commerce) account for a bulk of this traffic. We take pride in powering customer engagement for these companies who are using our tools too drive conversions and engagement on their websites for a wide variety of use-cases like cart abandonment, user messaging, customer profiling, realtime customer feedback etc.

We love Amazon (for the record, more than we love Google and Apple put together). We are hosted completely inside the AWS infrastructure. It allows us to scale easily as the business continues to grow. We use a host of their services at WebEngage – EC2, AWS, Cloudfront, SES, ELB etc to name a few. We use Amazon’s CDN for serving the widget file mentioned above. Underneath are stats for the month of Jan, 2013:

Amazon CDN stats for WebEngage Widget (Jan, 2013)

As you can see APAC and US+Europe account for the most of our traffic. In addition to these a good 10% of the widget traffic is HTTPS requests which we serve from our servers.

We have our eyes (still) set on that milestone – 1 Billion/month.

Stay tuned. We love you!

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