Namma Bengaluru 🙏

Bengaluru – we are finally there!

After years of waiting and contemplating, WebEngage now has an office in Bengaluru. We didn’t want to miss out on all the action that India’s startup capital has to offer! We’ll continue to be headquartered in Mumbai.

Some of our team members have moved to the BLR facility and we are currently hiring for position below, all based out of BLR –

For other open positions (based out of Mumbai), please visit here –

Please feel free to pay us a visit. We are here 👇 (Map):
91 Springboard,
Koramangala 7th Block
4th Floor, Salarpuria Tower-1
Bengaluru 560095

Now Hiring – First Quarter, 2015

We have chosen to start 2015 in style – by adding over 25 awesome men and women to our team in the first quarter of this year!

The eternal question – what is WebEngage?

WebEngage is a SaaS toolkit for online businesses that allows them to engage with users on their website in real-time and improve on-site conversion. It lets them run on-site promotions/offers (like “welcome back Jon, we have a surprise gift for you“), collect customer insights (like “hey, thanks for the purchase! let us know how was your buying experience.“), improve conversions (like “before you abandon the cart, here’s an offer …“) and collect feedback from disgruntled users – all of this from a remote dashboard, without changing any code on their site.

We are a rapidly growing startup (based out of Mumbai) with thousands of customers in 40+ countries. From enterprises like Foodpanda Global, eBay, Avaya, Flipkart, Snapdeal, TurboTax, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Rocket Internet companies etc to thousands of startups worldwide, we are helping each one of them run on-site marketing campaigns with ease without having to change any code on their corresponding websites.

We are unstoppable doers. If you are the same kind, you wouldn’t find a better workplace.

Open positions

Underneath is a quick list of open positions, for which, we are currently hiring (Q1, 2015):

Senior Java Developer

With the speed at which Indian startups are moving to Bangalore, in months to come, we’d possibly be the ONLY “high quality breed” of JAVA developers left behind in Mumbai. If you know your language better than the most, come and help us build & grow the tribe.

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Everybody at WE has a little bit of JS in them. Given that almost all the fulfillment happens via JS on our customers’ websites, this stack essentially forms the backbone of what we do. Our widget gets served over 3 billion times every month! If you have a thing or two to tell us on how you can do a few cool things via native JS, we need you.

Lead System / DevOps Engineer

We need somebody crazy to manage a cluster of 100+ EC2 instances doing random and crazier stuff 24*7. If you’d kill for automation, we need you. Right now!

(This position is closed)

Customer Success Engineer

We have built a very nice platform that works for customers across geographies and domains (e-com, travel, insurance, banks, telecom etc). The success of WE campaigns depends on how it is set up – in terms of targeting, visual appeal and data integration workflows. If you love to fiddle with some HTML/CSS/JS; and, you get a high by seeing happy customers, we have been looking for you.

Human Resources Manager

We have never had one thus far. Not because, we are all well-mannered and disciplined. Most HR managers we came across didn’t belong to us 🙁 .. if you understand what it takes be a part of an existing culture code, and, nurture it further with a people friendly approach, please reach out to us.

Inside Sales Executive

Even if you were selling soap or soda water earlier, it doesn’t matter – we won’t judge you. What matters is, how were you selling it? If you live by selling over phone calls & emails and you have a thing for using automation tools, here’s one job that you shouldn’t miss applying to!

iOS Developer

We have a super awesome Android team working their asses off on building the corresponding SDK. We are getting started on the iOS version. If you have built SDKs/Apps for the iOS platform earlier, and, want to build something cool, apply today.

Content Strategist

There are very few companies who have a great inbound marketing practice. While we are not in that league yet, we do aspire not only to get there but also become a benchmark for others to follow. Do you have a similar itch? Come, join us – you’d love to be here.

Senior PHP Developer

After JAVA and JS, this is destined to become the third most commonly used language at WE. We are trying to aggressively tap into the ecosystems of WordPress, Magento etc by designing very specific WebEngage solutions (extensions) for these platforms. If you love building on top of APIs and know your language in its OO way, talk to us, we are desperately looking for you.

Lead Software Test (QA) Engineer

Once hired, you can pride yourself in being the first one at this company. Pretty much all of our development team duals up as test engineers for their respective code. We need you to oversee this for all of us and teach us a few lessons in automated testing.

Great people look for reasons beyond the usual blabber to join a company …

And, it is highly likely that you are one of them. Let’s give you a few reasons. To begin with, take a look at our workplace and the kind of people you’d get to work with – here you go!

Also, we take b’day celebrations in our office way too seriously. We sing for a mysterious “Sunita”, irrespective of whose birthday it is. Here’s a sample:

Wanna know our culture code? Its simple – “great people make great product, which makes a great company“. Read more.

Need more dope, right?

Take a look at how geekily we sell our product. Or, check out this post on how we used Java Annotations to build our security layer. Or, here’s how cool our JavaScript API is. Also, take a look at how much of effort we put into dumbing down some of the most complicated features inside WE to make it easy for our customers to love us all the more.

Loving us already? Well, you are not alone …

The media and startup community have been very kind to us. Underneath are some of the recent mentions and accolades which humbled us to the core:

WebEngage helps e-commerce cos market their wares better

Amongst 10 fastest growing product companies in 2014

10 startups to watch in India's tech boom

TiE-Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Winner, 2014

Browse less, find more

And here’s the final blow!

Imagine how would it feel to build, sell or market something that helps millions of users everyday (across thousands of large and small customers) to make a purchase decision – all in real-time. We know how it feels for we are one of those very few product companies with an envious customer list to showcase. Take a look at this tiny set, for example:

If you are sold, reach out to us via LinkedIn. We are filling fast.

P.S: You can use our help –
1. To convince yourself, please feel free to reach out to us with queries.
2. To convince your family / spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend, use our marketing deck –
3. To convince your current boss / teammates, that you are not wasting yourself, use this to “sell” –

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Hiring Geeks @ WebEngage

We are growing super fast. Faster than we imagined. To fuel the growth further, we are looking for awesome men and women to join us in building the most enviable SaaS company of our times. This post is a hiring pitch for geeks, nerds and believers!

Need more reasons to join us? Does the office space matter?
Check out pics from our current office. Underneath is where we are moving to, in Oct 2014.
Still not convinced? Does the team matter? There you go …
While you are at it, do check these out too!

We know that you are a tough nut to crack. Need more dope, right?
Take a look at how geekily we sell our product. Or, check out this post on how we used Java Annotations to build our security layer. Also, take a look at how much of effort we put into dumbing down some of the most complicated features inside WebEngage to make it easy for our customers to love us all the more.
Convinced now?
Cool! We are looking for you. Drop us a note on geeks [at] webengage ]dot[ com or participate in our hacker challenge on 21st Sep, 2014.

Welcome Ravi!

Ravi Datanwala – VP (Sales, IN)

In yet another milestone, we have shed our all_engineers tag on the company by bringing on-board one of the most seasoned software salesman of our times.

Please welcome Ravi Datanwala as our VP (Sales, India) –

I am extremely excited to bring Ravi on board – not only for his 18 years of diverse experience; but also, because he can write SQL queries! Yeah, you heard that right – so unusual for a sales exec with such experience. However, unlike most of us, he doesn’t use foul language. That was sort of a disappointment, but we still hired him because he agreed to a massive paycut. That’s Ravi for you – level headed, tons of valuable experience and clear on his goals – basically all things we stand for.

Our enterprise sales story in India is now known to one and all. We take immense pride in powering customer engagement on some of the largest e-commerce players in this country – Flipkart, MMT, Jabong, Snapdeal, HomeShop18, Yatra, Freecultr, Healthkart, Zivame .. you name it! Take a look – Ravi has promised me that he will add all the remaining ones here :-). Ravi will head sales efforts in India and help us plan to move into other geographies.

Ravi will be adding a few members to his outreach team in months to follow. If you are keen, make sure you get in touch with him – ravi [at] webengage ]dot[ com.

Finally, I get the much needed respite. I am currently in the US on a month long business development trip. With Ankit and Ravi at helm of affairs – respectively on tech and sales, I can now focus on growth and product which were otherwise overshadowed too much by operations. Insert *i-am-so-so-so-freaking-happy-emoticon* here.

We are now a 9 member team, all set to move into a new office. I am elated – on road to building that company which you’ll be proud of … soon.

– Avlesh

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In search of that freaking designer …

WebEngage is looking for a director of UI/UX

Hey, I am Avlesh; co-founder and ceo at WebEngage. Lemme cut to the chase and set your expectations right – this post is a hiring pitch to find Director of UI/UX for WebEngage and here goes the pitch:

Look at our site. It’s pathetic. Please help us make it better:
Look at our homepage. It took us 20kb of text on that page to explain why are we a unique and cool product! I am sure you know better ways of doing such explaining. Worse is the fact that most people visiting our site still don’t “get” the product right. But we are engineers. We can haz talent. So, we didn’t give up. We did a whole lot of things to make it work. E.g. we built a demo application to lure our prospects. Have a look at this demo we built to make a pitch to Larry and Sergey – WebEngage demos for Google. Cool. Right? No? I know. Most people taking the demo don’t know why they are doing so in the very first place. I so much want you to help us build a great website. The one that people will envy. The one that copycats will look upto for inspiration.

Our product sucks. Please help us make it suck less:
You must be surprised to hear this. I can understand. To put it differently, our product is currently a _for_the_engineer_by_the_engineer product. This essentially means that we have a highly functional product with low aesthetic appeal. We try and do a good job with usability but trust me, being a designer, you’d want to take charge of the product and send all of us on vacation for a while. We have a CRUD and analytics rich interface for product managers, marketers and sellers to manage their company’s respective WebEngage accounts. The beauty with our product is that it is really easy to integrate. We have kept it as such. All knobs and controls lie in the dashboard. This makes it a pretty complicated product as well. We need someone like you to help us build those data flows and create a “oh, wow!” experience for our customers.

We have big dreams. Please help us make those a reality:
We are not thinking small with WebEngage. We never were. E.g. Lemme tell you a bit more about the usage pattern of our survey product. Customers have been successfully creating and running awesome surveys on their respective websites. To make it simple and easy for our new customers, we intend to build a “Survey Gallery”. E.g. Surveys by type – product management, lead generation, customer satisfaction etc; Surveys by targeting – i.e. surveys, that only pop to visitors coming from Google search, or only to visitors from certain geographies, or only to visitors with a certain cookie in the browser etc. The aim is to help customers pick up a survey and go live with it on their website with a single click. This will be a self-learning tool with some editorial component which will learn from the data in the system. On a different note, in the dashboard, we also let customers tweak the CSS of their surveys using a CSS editor. A whole lot of our customers use that feature and we get immense pleasure by seeing colorful variations of our survey product. We want to build a marketplace for designers, wherein they can upload their WebEngage survey design templates. They can put a price tag to it and earn money everytime a WebEngage customer chooses to use their theme. Blah. Blah. We have tonnes of such plans. But we need someone like you to help us visualize all this for us – in a much more futuristic and scalable manner. Oh, did I tell you that we have highly ambitious plans for a mobile version of WebEngage?

Are you game? If yes, I am so much looking for you. Call me on +1 (408) 890-2392 (US) or +91 (22) 42662154 (India). Or, better still, apply now. I’d disappoint you if you are an agency or a freelancer. This is a full-time, Mumbai based opportunity. Underneath is a small blurb on who we are and what we are upto –

About us:
So, to begin with, we are a Mumbai (India) based startup. We are an year old. We are a team of 5 engineers. WebEngage is a powerful in-site survey and feedback tool for websites. It was publicly launched in Oct, 2011 and currently, has over 2200 customers worldwide. The reason for this fast growth is a truly phenomenal offering which aims to bring you highly targeted insights and feedback from visitors on your site in real time. E.g. if you wanted to ask a question only to “visitors coming from Google search and spending 60 seconds on your take-a-tour page”, you can do that with WebEngage. Companies like MakeMyTrip,, Rea-Group, Yatra, Cleartrip, Park n Fly,Future Group, Indiatimes etc use our product with great success. We raised our angel round of capital in June, 2011 and are very close to closing our next round to funding.