Namma Bengaluru 🙏

Bengaluru – we are finally there!

After years of waiting and contemplating, WebEngage now has an office in Bengaluru. We didn’t want to miss out on all the action that India’s startup capital has to offer! We’ll continue to be headquartered in Mumbai.

Some of our team members have moved to the BLR facility and we are currently hiring for position below, all based out of BLR –

For other open positions (based out of Mumbai), please visit here –

Please feel free to pay us a visit. We are here 👇 (Map):
91 Springboard,
Koramangala 7th Block
4th Floor, Salarpuria Tower-1
Bengaluru 560095

Announcement: WebEngage awarded ‘2017 Rising Star Award’ and ‘Great User Experience Award’ by

We’re are extremely delighted to announce that WebEngage has been conferred with the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award by, under their marketing automation software category. is a trusted platform for review of SaaS products and that helps business owners find the relevant products for their business needs. WebEngage is happy to share that several of our customers have reviewed us on the platform that has resulted in our user satisfaction rating of 100% along with an overall score of 8.8/10!

It is truly humbling to receive such amazing reviews from our customers and we thank each and every one of our customers for their constant support and feedback.

That’s not all! As a result of the exceptional reviews, has ranked WebEngage 9th in their elite group of Top 10 Marketing Software Solutions along with other great marketing products such as Moz, Kissmetrics and SimilarWeb. 

We thank our supporters and loyal customers for their trust in our marketing automation platform. It has been 6 long years of product and service innovation. And we are just getting started! We have a host of exciting new features and product announcements coming up for you very soon. 

Meanwhile, if you’re still wondering what the buzz around WebEngage is – Schedule a Demo with us to know more!


2012 – The Year That Was

WebEngage Rocks In 2012

The year 2012 has shaped WebEngage and we’ll remember it as such. We couldn’t have asked for more. Here’s a quick rundown of some significant updates from the year

  • WebEngage was launched in Oct, 2011 and we put a price tag on the product in Jan, 2012.
  • Customers complained about an erratic behavior of our survey targeting for Quora visitors. It was an engineering mistake by Quora. We blogged. The post trended on HN and other platforms. Quora had to finally fix the issue. The hacker world took a note of our existence post this event. We loved it!
  • Starting with The Startup Center, we extended our olive branch to a whole bunch of early stage companies by offering them free subscriptions of WebEngage. We continue to live up to our promise.
  • Our search for a mascot begins. Months later we found one. Yeah, CROW it is!
  • First big milestone – 1000 customers reached in Mar, 2012.
  • The feedback tab gets shinier and multi-lingual.
  • The WebEngage WordPress Plugin got a whole lot better.
  • First version of Javascript API released in April, 2012. Customer engagement gets a new meaning.
  • From 30 days to 14 days – we reduced the duration of free trial period for all paid plans in May, 2012. Reasons here.
  • This has to be the BIGGEST event for WebEngage in 2012 – launch of Notifications in Jun, 2012.
  • We raised our seed round from GTI Capital in Jul, 2012. Blume Ventures participated in a secondary purchase. Yeah, the company gets cash rich :-).
  • We quickly scaled. Served 100 million widget requests in Aug, 2012. A DNS glitch occurs on our end in Oct, 2012. Lessons learnt the hard way.
  • The company turned 2 and WebEngage turned 1. We celebrated. And, in another BIG milestone, we launched a new version of our website. We bagged all the leading e-commerce and travel players as customers. Check out some of our customers and testimonials.
  • Feedback product gets a major face-lift. File attachment support in replies amongst other features were rolled out in Nov, 2012.
  • Our payment partner, 2Checkout, disappoints us. Mastercard payments (new and recurring) were being declined. We suffered huge losses. The issue still continues to haunt us from users in certain geographies including India :-(.
  • We simplified the on-boarding process for WebEngage. The outcome has been fabulous.
  • Another feather in the cap – Notification product gets a major upgrade, with release of Custom Targeting, customers are now addressing the problem of cart abandonment like never before. The feature is selling like a hot cake.
  • 5000th customer signed up in Dec, 2012. Dream come true moment for us.

This is it. We look forward to an eventful 2013. We have set course for a much BIGGER journey. With you, it will be fun. If you haven’t already, do come on-board – this is one ride you don’t wanna miss .. 🙂

Stay tuned. We love you!

P.S: In case you missed, we are offering FREE t-shirts for all paid plan sign-ups till the 31st of Jan, 2013. Details here.

Happy b’day to us. We have turned 2

What a fascinating journey it has been – started with one idea, assembled a tiny team, created an excellent product and had to finally shelve it; then switched to another idea, raised angel money, built an amazing product, gained superb traction, raised another round of capital and here we are – in front of you, standing tall and firm with over 4000 customers worldwide in less than 11 months of publicly launching WebEngage!

Happy 2nd b’day Webklipper (yes, that’s the company which has created WebEngage). Underneath are some pictures from our celebration this morning –

The “sparkle” cake (courtesy Prashant)

Here’s to many more such moments. Cheers!

The WebEngage Team (from left to right) – Manish, Avlesh, Vikas, Prashant, Ankit, Prateek

We’ll be celebrating all this month and announcing a lot of goodies for our customers starting next week. Keep a tab on us.

– Avlesh

Boy’s Toys

At WebEngage, all of us have peacefully lived with our Dell Latitude laptops for a long long time. In my case – for over 7 years. Things have changed now though. As we are ramping up our team and adding people in Design and UI/UX, having Mac’s became mandatory. We got fresh new supplies of some Apple gadgets – an iMac (27″), 2 Macbook Pro’s (13″ & 15″) and an iPad (16GB). Check out our cool new toys –

Fresh new Mac supplies at WebEngage

Me and my team is already loving it, especially the iMac.

Oh, btw, did I tell you that we are rolling out a brand new website for WebEngage very soon. Yes, now you know :). We are working hard to make sure that you fall in love with it. Hopefully, these new gadgets will make it simpler for us. I’ll soon come back to you with an update on the new site.

– Avlesh

Cool pitch from a job applicant

This morning, we received a job application. Underneath is the guys pitch (posted verbatim) –

I want to work with you guys because,
♥ You guys are a hardcore techie startup in Java domain.
♥ You guys are working on MongoDB and Relational database !!! Very few startups in India must be doing polyglot persistence ! Thats cool as well as a visionary thing !
♥ Yours is a SaaS product !!
♥ I believe you are creating a nice team which has the potential to become 37 Signals of India with solid usable and meaningful product portfolio !
♥ I am reasonably well at Java and most of the time I think of web scale architectures..!!!
♥ Because I am from Mumbai
♥ Because I am tired of working in a typical IT setup where most of your energy goes wasted in bureaucratic process oriented hell !
♥ Because I feel like home when I visit Web Engage site and read “about us” page ! I just want to be there 🙂
♥ Because I need a mentor in my life and you guys are perfect for the same !
♥ Because I eat,sleep and drink ideas and its possible implementation.
♥ Because I do believe that working on-line demo without any hassle of registration is the best selling point of a SaaS product..!!!
♥ Because I do believe and think and advocate a lot about restful APIs !
♥ Because I want to master JavaScript ( i know it already but lazy enough to thoroughly learn it , as jQuery and it’s ecosystem spoils your native JavaScript needs 😛 ) as I believe that is the core of Web App development.
♥ Because I hit “bulls eye” when I search something on Google !
♥ Because I have compiled/understood nice tool set of open source libraries which makes Java development more enjoyable ! Play Framework, JSoup, JOOQ, JDBCHelper.
♥ Because I believe in Web oriented Architecture !
♥ Because I can shoot , track 100s of email communications per day ! Which I already do as I have subscribed to some of the high traffic mailing lists for open source Java libraries.
♥ Because I can complement Team Web Engage and contribute in many meaningful ways !

If you are looking to pitch to a startup for your candidature, this can be a great example of how to do it. We are retaining the identity of this candidate.

Stay tuned. We love you!

Our blog gets a new location and a facelift

Moving away from a blog to a self-hosted one was since long an item on our wish-list. And we finally managed to find some time and patience to do it :). We are pleased to announce that the erstwhile blog at has now moved to this new location – We have also made sure that the URL’s from old location seamlessly redirect you to the new domain. We hate broken links and bookmarks as much as you do. Special thanks to Amit Agarwal for his excellent post on how to migrate a blog to a self hosted blog – we referred it extensively for our migration.

Do let us know if like the new look and feel.

Ah, did we mention that we now have a separate engineering blog too? Here it is – Recently, we have received a lot of interest from the developer community. This will become our communication channel with them. On this blog, we also plan to share a lot of code snippets and some cool stuff on how we have done certain things at WebEngage. If code excites you, this blog is worth a subscription.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Stay tuned. We love you!

We turned 1 today. Announcing the launch of WebEngage

Our company, Webklipper Technologies Private Limited, was founded on the 13th of October, 2010. We have turned 1 today. We have had our own share of success stories in this one year – the joys of building one of the best contemporary engineering teams in this country, the joys of building a product that is being accepted on a global scale, the joys of finding new customers everyday … That said, it is the pains that we have been through to get here which makes us stronger and speaks of our character – the pains of fund-raising, the pains of a massive pivot, the pains of being written-off multiple times … these have made us all the more committed to give you the world class internet company we envisioned an year ago. Amen!

We are extremely excited to have reached this milestone. These pictures underneath capture the mood in our office today. Some privileged few have been invited for a dinner bash tonight to celebrate the occasion w/ us.

Cheers! From left to right - Manish, Vikas, Ankit and Avlesh

Business as usual

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of  WebEngage. After being in private beta for 5 months and adding over 400 customers worldwide, WebEngage has moved out of beta a week ago and is now open for public on If you are an existing WebEngage user, nothing changes for you. We have added back-support for the integration code that you are using on your site. However, we’d request you to use the latest code. Please get it from your WebEngage dashboard – We are sending a communication to all our users today regarding this and a bunch of other updates. If you are yet to try out WebEngage, this is THE time to do so. We have a FREE forever plan for startups low on cash ;). Sign-up today to try us out –

Today, on our first birthday, we stand tall and challenge the big boys in customer feedback and engagement. Watch us. We are here to stay.

Stay tuned. We love you!