10,000 customers and how!

The occasion:
We have waited for this moment ever since we launched WebEngage on the 13th of Oct, 2011. As we were enjoying our coffee amidst heavy downpour in Mumbai last Sunday, 10,000th customer signed-up! It took two working days for the euphoria to settle down and a few more hours for me to write this post! We are humbled. We thank you wholeheartedly for your love and support. More importantly, I’d like to hug each one of you and say thanks in person before I cease to exist. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say:

Perfect sign-up for the perfect occasion:
And here’s something that makes this occasion truly special – our 10,000th customer is Dawn.com, Pakistan’s oldest and most widely read English language newspaper! The tool is being tested on their beta site as I am about to publish this post. We hope to see WebEngage kicking ass on their production website soon.

Here’s how it started:
We take a lot of pride in having built an enviable customer base worldwide. However, like most startups, it wasn’t easy to begin with. We had to wait for one long month post launch to get our first legitimate paying customer (who wasn’t one of us or our friends ;)). Ladies and gents, meet David Taverner, Senior Director at GSMA, UK for being the very first person to pay us online. Several months have gone by since then (19 to be precise), but one thing hasn’t changed – David continues to be a paid user month after month, till date! Thanks David. Your $49 transaction on our site changed a whole lot of things. It strengthened our belief that we have built something that people would pay for. Fast forward to today, we are no longer at the mercy of any world famous tech blog to feature us so that the product gets “validated” – we have David’s all over the world to testify for us. This one is for you David; we owe it to you:

This is where you came from:
Pretty much all over the world with US, India, UK and Australia accounting for almost 75% of our total customer base. We are now available in 27 languages with integration supported for all major platforms.

What’s next?
A whole lot of things. But, I don’t want to kill the essense of this post by giving too many product updates. Follow this blog or our Twitter / Facebook for significant product updates.

Thank you again for making us one of the coolest AND profitable (pun intended ;)) startup of our times. At WebEngage, we’ll continue to deliver the best suite of products and world class customer service. Signing off, with our eyes firmly set on 100k now!

– Avlesh

7 responses to “10,000 customers and how!

  1. Kunal Kanojia

    Congratulations Avlesh and team!

  2. Kumar Vivek

    Heartiest congratulations to the team on this significant milestone! Your hard work and sheer dedication towards building a great company has made it reach where WebEngage is today. Wishing you an exponential catapult to 100k! 🙂

  3. Now that’s how you build a company, by focusing on your customers. WebEngage is a big inspiration. Keep Going. 🙂

  4. Congratulations !!! You guys deserve every bit of it !
    Beat wishes for many more to come 🙂

  5. Mudit

    This is inspiring Avlesh sir…Big congrats to you and your team sir.. 🙂

  6. congrats…the journey shared here is amazing….

  7. Sumit Jain

    Great going Avlesh… Congrats to you and everyone at webengage…