Help us find our lucky mascot – pig, crow, snake, bear or something else?

The BIG League!

We, at WebEngage, are a fast growing startup. In less than 6 months of our public launch, we are now powering in-site feedback and surveys on over 950 websites worldwide. Quite a feat. Right? Maybe. In a world where significant numbers are always counted in the unit of millions, our numbers appear to be small.

So, we put our heads down trying to find out how we can become an insanely big enterprise. We looked up to the big boys. Then we realized we have done the same set of things as they did early on i.e. built an awesome product, created some noise around it and iterated so fast that customers started loving them and became evangelists. So, what’s missing? Well, an unusual suspect.

Finding 1: We don’t have an animal behind our back. Yet.
Ah, we know the reason now. It’s the goddamn animal mascot which is your path to glory. It is this creature that takes you in to the big league.

Finding 2: All the good looking ones are taken. We are not left with too many options 🙁
Monkey is the most abused one. Everyone seems to be betting their lives on the chimp. Going by the revenue figures and valuations of a few companies using chimp as their mascot, our ancestor seems to be the safest bet. But wait … we can’t copy. We are an “original” startup. So, we started looking around on what’s not taken yet. Our research implies that we can use one of these – Pig, Snake, Crow, Bear (not sure) etc. Yikes!

Help us please.
Help us by first telling us if our assessment is correct – can we become a multi-million dollar enterprise without having one of those creatures as our lucky mascot? If you think, we have to have one – let your suggestions come our way. Thanks in advance for helping us out by killing your time thinking about a silly animal.

Stay tuned. We love you!

35 responses to “Help us find our lucky mascot – pig, crow, snake, bear or something else?

  1. I think a BEE is a good option, because Bees collect small portions of Honey & accumulate it at one central Hub, which is in tandem with your services of fetching single-single user reviews and consolidating at one central HUB..


  2. A Meerkat would do great ! It’s quick, agile, small full of energy and cute !

  3. Deepak

    How about Peacock. That actually impress but nothing to do with the product as the survey monkey do!

  4. I vote for a dog, but you can’t have our logo!!

  5. Ritesh Kadmawala

    what about kangaroo -> which symbolizes big leaps

  6. Animals are so Web 2.0. To succeed in this new age, I recommend using planets – since Sabu (of the Chadha chowdhary fame) is from Jupiter, you could adopt Jupiter as your lucky mascot. Jupiter is also known as Guru according to Vedic astrology, so it might help align the stars to become a multi-million dollar hit. Btw, Guru implies divine knowledge and spitirual insight. One piece of advice don’t ever lagao a “ji” to the aforementioned recommendation.

  7. Sunit Pahwa

    I believe you guys should go with a crow. Webengage does surveys and gives businesses an indication of what is working or what is good/bad, so does a crow when something good/bad is gonna happen!

  8. chris

    Human centipede?

  9. Christophe

    I vote for a Marmot !

  10. Silkworm. It’s like a spiderweb but better. You can make that cute, right?

  11. scott


  12. What about a platypus?

  13. A Bunny… everyone likes bunnies, they are cute and can easily be a simple icon.

    A Magpie – these animals are infamous for “collecting” things.

    A Butterfly, easy to silhouette.

    A Lion – these engage their audience a lot – cute cartoon style

  14. Mark

    How about a woodpecker? How fun would it be to see your little woodpecker pal chip out a nice graph or two? Clearly a woodpecker should be good at bar graphs, right?

  15. I think “Squirrel” would be a good option.. less popular but more look alike the quietly popping surveys of WebEngage.

  16. Mudit

    I would suggest to go for a Parrot as a mascot. There are a couple (actually I made up more 🙂 of reasons:

    1. Your parrot (tota) often amuses people who visit your home by engaging them in a conversation.
    He quickly learns whatever people say to him and speaks it back to the master, which is the core of webengage.

    2. Nobody has a parrot yet. And in India, he is a common pet. So it holds easy association and quick recall values.

    3. A bird is a bird. No matter how different it is, it would resemble twitter in some ways. And that is beneficial for your business. The core strength of webengage is short surveys, just like twitter’s short, but meaningful updates.

    4. Instead on a static feedback button sitting on my webpage, a colorful yet brand patriot parrot will engage better with the audience too.

    5. Because I’m suggesting it 😛

  17. Saurabh Jaiswal

    Why some animal … That could be an option but any super cool logical symbol can be good for WebEngage.

  18. Get a cute looking Spider for “Web Engage”. Else Pig is also not very bad.

  19. Web Engage !!

    Go for Spider as it has to do with the Web it built. I know it is already used by others but we can make it pose so that it seems the Web Engage your website.


  20. Why don’t you choose a buffalo? I am sure no one else has patented that animal so far.

    • avlesh

      Good idea. The ugly looking one, wrapped in dung might be a great choice. Added to list. Thanks!